1. Buy a Scotch Brite fiber, you can get it in any supermarket.fibra 3M
  2. Make a light rubbing, as shown in the following video. Very superficial on the leather of the boot or on the stain or dust you want to remove. This process applies to Booties, Boots, Handbags, Belts, and all kinds of items, as long as they are of the same material.

We have all bought a Nobuck leather item, whether it is ankle boots or a complete pair of boots made of this leather or a small section of it in your shoes, read the following to keep your shoes looking in excellent condition for much longer.

¿de donde proviene la piel nobuck?

This material is made from cowhide, a bit like suede. It is also obtained by sanding the original material, with the difference that it is made from the outside and is stronger and more durable than suede leather.

limpieza para botas o botines de piel nobuck

First of all nubuck finished leather and its softness can be affected by moisture and dust combined. So the first and best option when purchasing a nubuck leather product is to also purchase a repellent and protective spray. By periodically spraying the repellent spray you will be protecting your boots or ankle boots from moisture, this repellent will also make dust or dirt stains easier to remove.


  1. Brush the entire shoe, using a soft bristle brush against the grain to remove all surface dirt. We emphasize that you do this carefully. Brushing too roughly can damage the smooth finish of your garment.
  2. Dampen a microfibrecloth with water (so that it is lint-free). We can add a little neutral soap or a few drops of ammonia and rub the entire surface in circles. It is advisable to try first in an inconspicuous area of the shoe and then do it all over the shoe.
  3. With a sponge or a cloth dampened only with clean water, remove the soap little by little.
  4. Finally, leave to dry in the shade and away from heat sources. Once it is dry, we can brush it again.


If every time you use your nubuck leather boots or ankle boots, whether they are patent or cowboy, brush them gently to remove dust before storing them, you will avoid the formation of dirt that will be more difficult to remove.

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Hay algún distribuidor en California de los botines

— Ma Elena Gonzalez