Quick and easy trick to clean your cowhide booties

The first thing you should do is:

Clean the dirt from your Boots with a soft bristle brush, to remove dust and mud (It can be a toothbrush). And then with a damp cloth well wrung out, clean the surface of the boot of the remains that remain. We will have to let them dry well to continue with the next step.

Now it is important to learn how to moisturize the leather of our shoes. We will need some products that are easy to find at home, take a look at them, you will be fascinated!

What are the products we have at home?

Body cream and Cooking oil: We will use these ingredients to leave them as good as new, and the way to use them to moisturize our Caisson leather boots or ankle boots is very simple:

  1. We apply body cream on a soft sponge and it will be a creamy/fatty effect. With this you will be able to perfectly preserve your article or footwear, and maintain it constantly.
  2. If you don't have any cream, you can use edible oil. Apply a little on the sponge and rub in a circular motion, resulting in the same effect as if you use a Caisson professional leather cleaner.

It's as easy and simple as that to restore your natural shine!

How to get rid of the bad smell of your boots?

With these tricks you will be able to get rid of odours caused by wear and perspiration. All with natural ingredients and in a very simple way. Take note, let's start!

Baking soda. With this product you will be able to eliminate the bad smell in your shoes. Leave a little inside a considerable amount, spread it all over the Boots and let it sit overnight. The next morning, you will see how the bad smell in the shoes has disappeared. The reason is that this natural chemical element has antibacterial and disinfectant properties. That's why it is the most popular trick to eliminate foot odor.

How to maintain a good hygiene in the Booties?

  • Try not to wear closed shoes every day or all day long. It's not only bad for foot odour, but also for the health of this area in general.
  • When you get home, change your shoes and let your feet and shoes air out.
  • It doesn't matter if the shoe is of good quality, they all end up smelling bad. That's why we should keep a good cleaning of them by brushing them every day. On the inside you can use a damp cloth with a little laundry detergent.
  • If you suffer from excessive sweating on the soles of the feet, it would also be appropriate to follow the instructions we have shown you before and apply baking soda.

We hope these tips can help you to keep your boots in a better condition.

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