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Mujeres que grabaron su nombre en la historia de México

Mujeres que grabaron su nombre en la historia de México

Estás son solo algunas de todas las mujeres que grabaron su nombre en la historia de México,  Mujeres que desafiaron la historia y buscaron construir un país más igualitario. Siguen demostrando que la lucha no ha terminado.

El 8 de Marzo es una fecha para la conmemoración de una lucha por conquistar espacios, derechos y trato digno.

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Conoce el traje de charro y escaramuza de la Cultura Mexicana

Meet the charro and skirmish costume of Mexican Culture

The Charreada is a truly recognized popular sport in Mexico, with strict rules and many competitions where both men and women compete in colorful charro costumes adorned with silver studs. To participate, riders and skirmishes must wear traditional clothing. Learn about the Charro and Escaramuza costumes...
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Charro: El vaquero mexicano que se convirtió en un símbolo nacional de la moda

Charro: The Mexican cowboy who became a national fashion symbol

The charro is an example of chivalry, tradition and pride. These Mexican cowboys are horsemen, highly trained trainers and are much more than the typical gunmen immortalized in movies. The history of the Charro goes back to the 17th century...

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dia de muertos en mexico

Day of the Dead in Mexico The return of the beloved!

Mexico is a country with an extensive and unique culture which is very representative worldwide. Its national celebrations are full of color and tradition and reflect the strong roots of its inhabitants and are a great attraction for tourists and foreigners.for tourists and foreigners.
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¿Te vas a vestir de Charro?

Are you going to dress up as a Charro?

A Charro suit is not just any suit, it is not presented in fashion shows, it is not part of the marketing, it does not have foreign names, you do not buy it on sale in luxury stores, it is not advertised on TV or in fashion magazines, it is usually made for you, with your iron, to your measure.
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Datos Curiosos De La Charrería

Charreria Fun Facts

The word charro is synonymous with horseman.

Charreria is perhaps the only sport that was born as a direct result of work. The Mexican ranchers of the late nineteenth and twentieth century dedicated to the breeding and herding of cattle, as part of the work, were developing playful techniques of handling cattle that would later become a sport.

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Historia De La Charrería

History Of Charreria

Thus was born the charrería in the haciendas of the states of Hidalgo, cradle of the Charrería, Puebla and State of Mexico, extending later throughout the New Spain and flourishing in the Viceroyalty of New Galicia, the current state of Jalisco and its surroundings.
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