To dress as a Charro...

You will have to leave your complexes, your fears, your demons, you will leave the excuses, the fears.

You will leave behind the incredulous looks of the people who follow you with a curious look, you will hear voices behind you, talking about you...

vistete de charro

A Charro suit is not just any suit, it is not presented in fashion shows, it is not part of the marketing, it does not have foreign names, you do not buy it on sale in luxury stores, it is not advertised on TV or in fashion magazines, it is usually made for you, with your iron, to your measure.

It is made from the work of craftsmen who throughout history managed to make an art in their decorations, in their fabrics and is designed to fight, to ride bulls, to tame horses, to lasso, to command and dominate in your environment.

When you wear it you must know that you are dressed in courage, pride, history, sweat and blood.

Knowing this, you cannot be less than those thousands of men and women who, dressed like you, decided to die rather than continue being slaves, rather than continue being massacred, rather than live on their knees.

If you decide to dress as a charro, you know that you are someone, not something, you know that you are not just another number in the statistics, not a consumer and disposable entity, not a sheep of the system, not a short story badly told?

You must have the firm intention to live an extraordinary life, to be remembered, to leave a mark in this world, so your only fear will be not to achieve it.

You must show that you are not just an appearance behind that tight jacket, those well worn trousers, that handmade sash and your hat that speaks of your battles, your triumphs, your life arguments.

You can't half dress and you can't be half charro, that's what the mediocre do.

Do you know that a Charro suit immediately gives away your emotional and physical state?

traje de charro


You can't dress like a Charro or pretend to be one if you don't have scars, if you haven't bitten the dust, if you haven't fallen from exhaustion from work.

A Charro exists when he holds in his right hand a ribbon, not a glass.

He distinguishes himself when he gives his lady luck, not leaves her to her fate, when his horse responds to his whistle, not to his blows.

If you think you can wear this suit, so be it!

And if you think you can't, then... wear something else.

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